“Sharing Jesus in New & Living Ways”
Crown of Hope
    The history of Crown of Hope Ministries dates back to 1992. It was formed to fulfill the purpose of “Carrying Revival Over Where Needed.” We believe that Revival is a Sovereign move of God upon his people, which results in the spiritual transformation of the church, so that it may impact society with the gospel of the Kingdom.
    Over the years what began as a ministry of revival has now evolved into a modern-day apostleship, which includes church planting, oversight to churches and ministries, ministry training, business ventures and social justice initiatives.
     Through Crown of Hope, Our Church and ministry affiliates, we will continue to participate in the present move of God, and equip others to do the same. If you would like to know more about Crown of Hope Ministries or any of its affiliates you may contact us at 480-907-4407 or by email chm@crownowhope.org.

 Strategic Plan
     Crown of Hope Ministries intends to achieve its objectives through the following means:

    Actively engage in itinerant activities to congregations or groups, which have expressed a desire for ministry.
    Publish materials through print and electronic media that inspire and uplift Christian workers.
    Provide workshops or seminars for churches that desire to reshape polity to achieve congregational health.
    Educate congregations on how to engage in social action within their community.
    Identify the marginalized of society, and establish effective ministry towards them.
    Establish new church plants that will engage their community with holistic ministry.
    Provide ministry opportunities that appeal to the unchurched. 
    Establish relationships with a diversity of Christian leaders to coalesce on congregational and community issues.
    Establish a nurturing relationship with associated pastors through enriching fellowship, leadership training and special meetings.

     If you interested in partnering with us or simply like to know more about Crown of Hope Ministries, and its affiliations contact us at 480-907-4407 or by email chm@crownofhope.org.