“Sharing Jesus in New & Living Ways”
Crown of Hope
Empowering Professional Leaders 
in Church & Community

    This school provides learning opportunities for leaders that serve in a variety of positions. Whether your professional service is a ministry leader, chaplain, nonprofit manager or public servant, we strive to provide you with the appropriate learning solution.
    Our approach synthesizes best scholarship and practical experience into a model that can equip any leaders for service in the 21st Century. Our faculty are professionals with years 20+ years of experience in their field of expertise with degrees from some of the finest schools whose accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education
    Listed below are the present course categories:
    Social Justice
    Beginning in the Fall of 2017 all course offerings will be available in online format.
    To receive detailed information regarding upcoming courses please contact:
    Stephen E. Gardner, Ed.D., at dr.stephen@crownofhope.org.
    For more information about the center, email us at chm@crownofhope.org
Urban Hope Leadership Institute